More than 15 years manufacturing experience for car & subwoofer amplifier, more than 8 years experience for marine amplifier, more than 12 years manufacturing experience for motorcycle & ATV & marine audio. the earliest & biggest manufacturer of car & marine amplifiers in China, the strongest R&D in all car amplifier manufacturers.
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Heavy-duty heatsink
Die cast terminals
Variable X-overs
Variable subsonic filter
Power / protect LED indicators
Full range digital amplifiers (WSY-2200.D)
Super-efficient Class D PWM design (WSY-M700.D / WSY-2200.D)
Dual amplifiers master/slave bridgeable (WSY-M700.D)
Input mode switch (WSY-4120/WSY-4160)
Short circuit / thermal / overload / DC offset protection
Variable bass boost control with remote controller (WSY-M700.D)
1Ω stable operation (WSY-M700.D)
Variable input gain control
Soft delayed remote turn-on circuitry
Bridgeable (WSY-2200.D/WSY-4120/WSY-4160)
Simultaneous mono / stereo operation
SMT technology (WSY-M700.D / WSY-2200.D)
Specifications WSY-M700.D WSY-2200.D WSY-4120 WSY-4160
Max Power 1400W x1 300W x2 180W x4 240W x4
RMS Power Ratings
@14.4V, =1% THD+N
700W x1 (1Ω)
420W x1 (2Ω)
250W x1 (4Ω)
1400W x1 (2Ω Dual Amp)
840W x1 (4Ω Dual Amp)
150W x2 (2Ω)
100W x2 (4Ω)
300W x1 (4Ω Bridged)
90W x4 (2Ω)
60W x4 (4Ω)
180W x2 (4Ω Bridged)
120W x4 (2Ω)
80W x4 (4Ω)
240W x2 (4Ω Bridged)
T.H.D. 4Ω<0.1%, 1Ω<0.2% @100Hz 4Ω<0.1%, 2Ω<0.15% @1KHz 4Ω<0.1%, 1Ω<0.2% @100Hz 4Ω<0.1%, 1Ω<0.2% @100Hz
Signal to noise (A weighted) >85dB >90dB >90dB >90dB
Channel separation / >50dB >50dB >50dB
Frequency response (±3dB) 10Hz~250Hz 10Hz~22KHz 10Hz~45KHz 10Hz~45KHz
Low pass crossover frequency 35Hz~250Hz 30Hz~250Hz 35Hz~250Hz 35Hz~250Hz
High pass crossover frequency / 50Hz~1KHz 50Hz~1KHz 50Hz~1KHz
Remote controller Level / / /
Bass control 0~12dB 0~12dB 0~12dB 0~12dB
Crossover slope 12dB 12dB 6dB 6dB
Subsonic filter / 10Hz~50Hz / /
High/low level input sensitivity 0.2V~6V (Low level) 0.2V~6V (Low level) 0.2V~6V (Low level) 0.2V~6V (Low level)
High/low level input impedance 20KΩ (Low level) 20KΩ (Low level) 20KΩ (Low level) 20KΩ (Low level)
Line output / yes yes yes
Die cast terminal yes yes yes yes
FR4 PCB yes yes yes yes
Fuses rating 40A x 2 20A x 2 30A x 2 35A x 2
Heatsink size (LxWxH) (mm) 257.5x197.5x60.5 257.5x197.5x60.5 257.5x197.5x60.5 257.5x197.5x60.5
Heatsink size (LxWxH) ( inch) 10.1x7.8x2.4 10.1x7.8x2.4 10.1x7.8x2.4 10.1x7.8x2.4
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