More than 15 years manufacturing experience for car & subwoofer amplifier, more than 8 years experience for marine amplifier, more than 12 years manufacturing experience for motorcycle & ATV & marine audio. the earliest & biggest manufacturer of car & marine amplifiers in China, the strongest R&D in all car amplifier manufacturers.
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1、SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) Workshop SMT贴片车间
Equipments:7 lines, Daily Capacity: 4.1 million chips
2、AI (Auto-Insertion) Workshop AI自动插件车间
Equipments:18 lines, Daily Capacity: Radial Series: 0.6 million chips; Axial Series: 1.3 million chips; Jumper Series: 0.9 million chips
3、C.O.B.(Chip on Board)Workshop COB芯片贴装车间
Daily Capacity: 200,000 lines
4、T.H. (Through-hole) Line 手插通孔车间
Four TH Lines, Daily Capacity: 0.4 million chips
5、Assembly Workshop (Finished-Products Assembly Line) 成品装配车间
6、PCBA Testing/ In-circuit Tester 印制电路板组件测试 / 在线测试仪
7、Functional Test 功能测试
8、Research and Development 研发部
9、Burn-in test 成品机老化测试